​ Animal Research Report

The name of my animal is: Dolphin

These are questions I have about my animal:

  • Question Starters: (who, what, where, when, why, what if, how)?
1. What do they sound like?
2. How tall are they?
3. What do they eat?
4. How long do they live?
5. Are they trainned because peopel saved them from danger in the water and took them to water land or some place and trannied them?

Name of Animal

Habitat (Where it lives)

Physical Description

Diet (What does my animal eat?)

Interesting Facts



Some where warm and has water.
The ancient ancestor of the dolphin's compland the transition to life in the water about 70 million years ago.
Fish and more fish and fish fish fish fish fish and finelly fish fish fish.


Californa, Florda, Sanfrisisco