​​Problem Solution Essay

What problems have you solved recently?

List at least three problems:

Choose one of these problems to write a problem solution essay.

Problem: Riley vs iPod
These are two ideas I thought of to solve the problem.

Solution Idea #1 I told Riley " I'll play with you later Riley."
But that did'nt work she said " No play with me."
Solution Idea #2
Then I put my iPod down and
got some toys out for Riley to play with then she
sat down and played with them but not for long.

What Happened:

What Happened:

I was in the family room on my iPod and Riley said " Can you plat with me now."

and I said "I'm kind of bussie here know."

Problem Solved!

(Clearly explain how you

solved the problem).

Then I said "Do you want to watch me play." and she said "Yes."

Guidelines for Writing a Problem Solution Essay

I. Paragraph 1: Introduction - In a short way, catch your reader’s attention and introduce the problem.
· This paragraph should introduce the problem to readers.
· Give any background information leading up to the problem.

Paragraph 2: Solution Idea #1 - Tell what you did first to solve the problem.
· Give details to describe what happened.

Paragraph 3: Solution Idea #2 - If the first idea didn’t work, tell what you did next to solve the problem.
· Give details that described what happened.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion – Clearly explain how you solved the problem.
· End with a concluding sentence or two that sums up the ideas in your essay.
· Tell readers what you will do differently next time for a similar situation.