Animal Research Report

The name of my animal is: African Elephant

These are questions I have about my animal:African elephant

  • Question Starters: (who, what, where, when, why, what if, how)?

1. What do elephants eat?
2.Where does it live?
3.How do the elephants eat 200 pounds a day?
4.Why do elephants roll in mud?
5.Why are elephants huge?


Name of Animal

Habitat (Where it lives)

Physical Description

Diet (What does my animal eat?)

Interesting Facts



African elephant

Elephants weigh about 15,400 pounds (7,000 kilograms).
Every day elephants eat more than 200 pounds a day of food. They grab grass, fruit, or leaves with their trunks. They tear bark from trees with their tusks. They find food on flat, grassy savannas.
The ivery trade is a danger to elephants.

It makes it's home in savannas and tropical forest.
It's ears are large.

Elephants spend up to 18 hours eating every day.

Elephants roll in mud or swim every day.

It is the largest living land animal.

After five years it no longer depends on it's mother.

The elephants long and flexible trunk has many uses. It has a nose an arm and a hand all in one. The trunk ends two finger like segments. These allow the animal to pick leaves, fruits, and tufts of grass and carry them to it's mouth. The trunk can take in more than a gallon of water at a time.