French Explorers:
Students will be researching French Explorers that came to Michigan on their travels. Each group will select one explorer to research. They will create a wiki page to record all of the information they find. This wiki page may include pictures, facts, video clips, etc. about the explorer.

Here is the PowerPoint for student research:

2011 Student Projects

Jean Nicolet
Samuel De Champlain
Jacque Cartier
Louis Jolliet
Pere Jacques Marquette
Etienne Brule
Robert La Salle

2009-2010 Student Projects
· Jean Nicolet - Samantha, William, Judy
· Samuel De Champlain - Sophie, Julia, Cameron, Johnny
· Jacque Cartier - Charlie, Kotaro, Jenna, Maren
· Louis Jolliet - Michael, Blake, Jimmy, Addy
· Pere Jacques Marquette - Anna, Harper, Aidan, Leo
· Etienne Brule - Riley, Suleiman, Sarah, Emma
· Robert La Salle - Paul, Ryan, Jack, Urich

2008-2009 Student Projects
· Jean Nicolet - Caley, Danny, Ben
· Samuel De Champlain - James, Sarah, Pilar
· Jacque Cartier - Andrew, Hadley, Meghan
· Louis Jolliet - Anne, Matthew, Adam
· Pere Jacques Marquette - Tom, Molly, Bella
· Etienne Brule - Payton, William
· Robert La Salle - Brady, Talia, Sam